well mannered bullies

Training Services

All services will provide basic training commands – Your dog will be very well mannered after these sessions. Your dog will be sitting or relax, walking on a leash, able to socialize with other dogs, and will be much better behaved around other people. Should you have any other concerns that aren’t listed please ask.

*I do NOT teach dogs tricks.

*I am NOT a Doctor.

Board and Training

$ 200.00-week INCLUDES: 1hr. of 1 on 1 training with you, the Dog’s Owner

This is the most frequent type of training that my clients use.  These sessions are at a minimum of 4 weeks with the dog staying with me. Clients will be able to come to the home the 2nd week with 1hr. of hands-on training. We specifically target unwanted behavior you may be experiencing with your dog(s) and redirect it to more appropriate behavior. A bath is given once a week.

Along with altering challenging behavior, we help you choose a few specific commands that will be useful for your dog(s) to know.

Examples of several behaviors that we can adjust in these sessions

  • Relax/ Stay
  • Jumping Up
  • Leash Pulling
  • Unpleasant House Manners
  • Leash Reactivity (Barking at other dogs, people, bicycles)

Private Lessons

2 ½ hrs. $150.00

Dog Behavioral issues and Obedience Training. I come to your home at a suitable time for everyone in your household. The first lesson is getting to know your dog and to observe all the behavioral issues that the owner may have.  Mostly will be bonding and brief obedience training, sit/relax, NO etc. Then your next session is when the REAL Training begins. I will work on your dog behavioral issues such as Aggression, Barking, Jumping, Door Rushing, House Manners, etc. You just practice between lessons. The subsequent follow-up lessons, we refine and add on to the goals you have for your dog.

Neighborhood Dog Walking Service

***Only within a 10-mile radius***

Rates: Rates below are for 1 Dog (for multiple dogs add an additional $15.00 for each dog)

  • 30 minute: $20
  • 45 minute: $35
  • 60 minute: $45

Play Dates/ Playing

$25.00 7AM. – 7PM.

If you’re looking for your dog to socialize with other dogs.  If you want your dog to be walked. Or if your looking for your dog to just be in a different environment, then a play date should be your choice.

Board and Care

$130.00 week

Whether you are leaving for just one night on business or taking that extended vacation you deserve, Well Mannered Bullies is here for you and your dog. We offer an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for your dog to socialize and be a dog. Our goal is that your dog will come home a better dog!


All dogs must be updated on their shots.

Aggressive dogs are PRIVATE SESSION ONLY.

Dogs should come with their OWN dog food, shampoo, leash and collar/dog tag.