4 Week Special *5TH WEEK FREE*


Purchase this special and save $175! 5 weeks of training for the price of 4!


Basic Training

  • Potty Training: Big or small, old and young, if your dog needs to learn for the first time or break a recent bad habit.
  • Leashes and Walks: Heading out into the world is a necessary fundamental.
  • Furniture Training: A complete model of not just where a dog can and can’t go, but when and why.
  • Special Kitchen Training: Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, extra attention is paid to the kitchen.

Respect Training

  • Respect the House: More than staying off the couch, it’s about knowing where they can and can’t enter, learning how to co-exist in the house with all the members of the family.  
  • Respect the Yard: No more digging up the yard, running crazy destroying patio furniture or hoping over fences. The same way you let your children play in the yard, so can your dog.
  • Respect the Threshold: Entering and exiting the house is such a necessity because it ties directly into the dogs ability to read a guest or a stranger.
  • Respect the Car: Until we perfect a way for dogs to operate cars, they have to learn how to ride safely in yours.


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