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Whether it’s training your puppy how to use the potty, your ill-tempered bully some manners or complete obedience training to wrangle in a troublesome pet. Trust in WELL MANNERED BULLIES to save the day!

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

I will change our community by saving one dog at a time. I will enrich the lives of the owners and create a positive change in the energy of the house.  My ultimate mission is to make animal shelters a thing of the past by providing training to animals that would have otherwise been left on the streets.

Training Done Right

What Makes Us Special?

There’s more to Well Mannered Bullies training than just commands and using the potty correctly. Ultimately your dog will be able to read the energy of a room, feel your calmness or anxiety and act on it. Dogs are sensitive, and intuitive animals, when you’re anxious or afraid, your dog will come to your aid, not attack indiscriminately, your dog will help you. I will train your dog to know how to act in any situation by following your lead and example, by feeling your energy.

When I train a dog, I treat them as individuals with unique personalities and characteristics. No matter how a dog comes to me, whether they’re full of energy, aggression or affection, I know how to handle them. If a dog comes to me with an attitude, I will break them of their attitude and build them up to be loyal obedient companions. Conversely, when a timid dog comes to me, I build up trust and confidence for them to receive the training, after which they are molded into a well mannered dog.

About Well Mannered Bullies

Meet Coach Mike

I grew up with a love for dogs and knew at a young age I was going to be a dog trainer. Growing up in the inner city, I saw what a hostile and negative environment can do to a dog. From that point on I vowed to help as many families as I possibly can with their dog obedience. There’re no bad dogs just uneducated owners. My job as a trainer is to train the dog and coach the owner.

Dogs don’t know hate and love, they know positive and negative energy. If the house is out of control, the dog is out of control and vice versa. When I train your dog, I will guide you in how to be consistent, how to let the training effect not just your dog’s behavior, but your own as well. Team work makes the dream work! 

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What We Do

Potty Training

An absolute must for any dog, inside and out. 

Walks & Leashes

Go anywhere your best friend and stay in control.


Teach Respect

Respect of you, your family, your guests and your home.

Advanced Training

Beyond the basics to turn your dog into truly your best friend.


  • Board Training w/1hr. of hands-on with trainer
  • Private Sessions in your Home
  • Dog Walks
  • Playdates
  • Board and Care

*** For Multiple Dogs, please request pricing***

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At Well Mannered Bullies we offer a variety of payment options designed to fit any budget. Whether you’re paying by the hour, by the day or by the week, there’s an option for you. Visit our SERVICES page to learn more.

Buy 4 Weeks Get 5th Free

No dog can learn new behavior overnight, it takes time, patience and understanding. Well Mannered Bullies offers a discount for the most affordable rates. Purchase 4 weeks of training upfront and get the 5th week FREE! That’s a saving of $200!