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When it comes to dog training, a lot of people assume that they can handle it themselves. A few episodes of The Dog Whisperer under your belt and it all seems so simple…

But then the training begins and it doesn’t go according to plan. Maybe something comes up, or you forgot what you were practicing, training sessions are skipped and eventually, nothing’s changed excepted some wasted time.


This is the passionate work that I love above all else. Let me help to change your entire way of life, your dog can be more than a pet, it can be your best friend and everyone’s favorite family member.

– Coach Mike

Call me: 1 951-213-1372 

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does training take place?

It’s entirely up to you, but in our experience, it takes about 10 weeks for the training to be ingrained. The key is consistency, what is taught has to be reinforced.

At what locations will my dog be trained at?

Your dog will be trained at my home in Corona or for Private Session will be at the owner home. 

Do you offer any grooming?

Yes if the dog is boarded with me they receive one bath a week.

Will you travel to me?

Yes! We do offer Private Session in your home.

What Are Your costs?

Normal rate $200 a week or $60 an hour.  If you purchase 4 weeks upfront (total $800) I will include a 5th week free of training.

Does the owner of the dogs get coached?

All Board Training comes with a 1hr. hands-on training with me and the dog owners per week.

Can I Cancel a Booking?

Yes, any and all training can be canceled with at least 24 hours notice.