About Us

Well Mannered Bullies
Since 2009

Training Dogs &

Helping Families

Our philosophy

When man first domesticated wolves he did so to be our companion. I believe that through the teaching of respect for your family, home, guests, and the world at large any dog can be a true companion. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To help everyone know that dogs can be more than a simple family pet. All training uses positive reinforcement. Teaching a dog to be aggressive is 1000% the opposite of the Well Mannered Bullies training, it’s all about respect and team work. It’s up to the owner to follow through with what I instill in the dog’s system; and eventually the dog will go from being in training to trained. 

Training Done Right

What Makes Us Special?

There’s more to Well Mannered Bullies training than just commands and using the potty correctly. Ultimately your dog will be able to read the energy of a room, feel your calmness or anxiety and act on it. Dogs are sensitive, and intuitive animals, when you’re anxious or afraid, your dog will come to your aid, not attack indiscriminately, your dog will help you. I will train your dog to know how to act in any situation by following your lead and example, by feeling your energy.

When I train a dog, I treat them as individuals with unique personalities and characteristics. No matter how a dog comes to me, whether they’re full of energy, aggression or affection, I know how to handle them. If a dog comes to me with an attitude, I will break them of their attitude and build them up to be loyal obedient companions. Conversely, when a timid dog comes to me, I build up trust and confidence for them to receive the training, after which they are molded into a well mannered dog.